Secrets to an Elegant Business Casual wardrobe

Business Casual is NOT a company logo- or golf shirt with a pair of Dockers.

It IS an art form. One that very few men ever master- a golden opportunity to express yourself at work. And business casual is much more common in today’s business world than business professional. Like it or not it’s here to stay. Unfortunately, most men put very little thought into dressing business casual and just throw on the uniform described above.

Dressing business casual is NOT a do-it-yourself job. Proper business casual necessitates a personal stylist, at least in the beginning. You wouldn’t try erecting a building without an architect, would you? A good stylist will question you about your workplace, company culture, and lifestyle. He or she will help you choose the most flattering items and how to mix and match them to attain maximum value for the money you spend.

Here are some of the factors a good personal stylist will take into account in building you a good business casual wardrobe:


Weights- obviously you’ll want to wear seasonably appropriate items that work for the weather where you live.

Textures- a touch of subtle sophistication- particularly while layering pieces- that only the advanced can master.

Colors- what makes sense for:

I. Your personal coloring

II. Your climate

III. Your lifestyle

Shirts- the following 3 types maximize value:

Button Down- usually acceptable for office or business casual occasions

Crossover- less formal shirts that can be used for business formal or business casual.

Dual Purpose Casual- bought solely for the purpose of business casual, but can be worn without a sport coat for other occasions where you still want to be dressed up.

Trouser Styles

Flat Front- currently very much in style; many models cut fully enough for the larger-waisted man.

Forward Pleats- British style- dressier, makes a man look more elegant and slimmer.

Reverse Pleats- still the most popular style- great for disguising midriffs.

Shoes are a subject unto themselves. I’ll deal with them in more detail in September or October, but here are a few suggestions:

Loafers are great for business casual wear, not for business formal wear. Avoid tassels and kilties; they look hopelessly preppie.

Composite soles also look best in business casual settings. It’s hard to pull them off in a business formal situation.

Stick to casual styles in shoes with laces- derbies, brogues, bluchers, or monk straps, and leather (NOT HIKING) boots.


Lapel style- the larger you are, the larger your lapels should be.

Shoulders- men with smaller shoulders will need sport coats with a larger shoulder pad. Men with larger shoulders will need less padding.

Accessories- choose seasonal fabrics. The pocket square is the new tie and finishes an outfit with panache.

Suggestions on composition and number of wardrobe items- remember you’ll need help from a stylist on colors, fabrics, and textures based on your needs:

Navy Blazer-

If funds are limited a medium weight that you can wear 6-8 months a year

If not- 1 flannel, 1 tropical wool.

A garment for all occasions. Can be dressed up or down, even worn with jeans depending on style and fabric.

Spring Summer

Colder Climate:

i. Colors- lighter, to reflect the season. Consult with your stylist to determine what looks best on you-

1. Beige/White/ Off White/ Sand

2. Pastels

3. Warmer/Jewel Colors e.g. hotter pinks, purples, greens

ii. Sport coats- 2-colors/textures/patterns chosen by your stylist of following fabrics:

1. silk

2. linen

3. Blends of the two,

4. Lighter cotton e.g. seersucker

5. Tropical wools

iii. Trousers- 3, same as above to coordinate

iv. Shoes- 1 or 2 pairs- examples:

1. Espadrilles (if you can pull them off)

2. Spectators (likewise)

3. Lighter colored driving shoes or loafers

4. White Bucks (my personal favorite)


Colder Climate

i. Colors- golds, rusts, earth tones, deeper purples, blues and reds. Again, consult your stylist for what flatters you in particular.

ii. Sport coats- 3-fabrics:

1. Corduroy

2. Cashmere

3. Wool or

4. Blends of the Two

5. Heavier Cotton Weaves- Twills, Moleskins

iii. Trousers- 4, colors same as above to coordinate

iv. Shoes- 1 or 2 pairs- varying shades of darker brown, leather or composite soles

1. Chelsea Boots

2. Chukka Boots

3. Brogues

4. Monk Straps

If you live in a warmer climate reverse the recommendations e.g. 3 sport coats, 4 pair of trousers for Spring/Summer.

A final note on Fashion vs. Style. If you’re a younger man, you want to seem aware of current styles. But don’t choose clothing that will stand out for all the wrong reasons. And beware of buying too many pieces that will be out of style after a season or two. Perhaps choose one item or two each season, and rely on your stylist’s input. Older men always want to look younger, and will go to great lengths to accomplish this. But again, your stylist can help you choose something that makes you look fashionable and up-to-date without looking ridiculous.

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How to Pick a Tuxedo

Which Tuxedo is Right for Me?

A guide to help you pick the perfect tuxedo to reflect your image.

Sophisticated - Champagne taste, you've switched from dry white to rose because that's what's in. You drive a Lexus, Saab, Volvo, or Cadillac XLR. You know the difference in the details.

Slick - Life is a banquet and you're firmly planted in front of the fresh shrimp and lobster. You drive fast and hard in a sharp sports car. You're all about performance and looks.

Traditional - You enjoy the symphony, collect antiques, and have rich, traditional home furnishings. GM or Ford makes your car (Cadillac or Lincoln thank you very much). You're not comfortable with high fashion, but want something that will stand the test of time, something classic.

Mr. Value - You know how to get $110 out of a $100 bill (why else would you be here?). You can't understand how Neiman Marcus stays in business. Your car - whatever the best deal was for an acceptable model. You have a lifetime membership to Consumer's Reports. We've got your number!

High Fashion - You're driving a PT Cruiser, 300, or a Porsche. Armani, Versace, and Manolo Blahnik are good friends. You live for something new, fresh and different from "the other guy". Your fashion designer tuxedo is waiting here:

To help you understand the differences in quality and style between each tuxedo we have put together a lighthearted comparison by using the auto industry as a barometer.

If you Drive... Consider
Civic*,** Joseph Abboud Tuxedo
Camry (6 cyl. Leather, etc.)
Taurus* (6 cyl. Leather, etc.)
Acura (w/ employee pricing ‘cuz this is a good deal!
BMW 5 series
DeVille/Town Car / Lexus

Each of these tuxedos are available as separates.

Explanation - Many tuxedos, like suits are made with a set size pant to a jacket. Generally there is a six inch difference between the coat size and the waist size so a 42 coat generally comes with a 36 waist pant. These pants can be tailored out up to 2 inches and in by several inches (depends on how big the pants is to start with - 4 inches out of a 28 inch waist is a big deal, 4 inches out of a 44 waist is not a big deal). This type of tuxedo is called a "nested garment" and is often made by higher quality manufacturers. Separates are made from different cloth that is guaranteed to match which allows the manufacturer to give you any size jacket and any size pant. So you can order a 44 coat with a 28 waist or if you are less athletic a 44 coat with a 44 waist - you get the idea.

These tuxedos are "rental quality". This does not mean they're used, everything we offer is factory fresh, never worn. Rather, it means the garment is designed to be used by a rental store and will look great after its 30th, 40th, 50th dry cleaning. Terrific if you are a musician, maitre d, etc. but not as soft as the "retail quality" tuxedos which are designed to be used by a single owner who expects to get as much use out of the tuxedo as a standard suit.

Which Tuxedo for Which Body Type?

Most tuxedos will fit most body types properly, as long as it is sized right. There are just a few tuxedos that are particularly suited for particular guys. So here's the rundown:

Button tuxedos - most traditional styling. Quite mature, always appropriate, shows the most of your vest or cummerbund.

Button tuxedos - a step more fashionable than a 1 button, but clearly in the traditional vein.

Button (or more) tuxedos - now you're stepping out into fashion clothing. Keep in mind, fashions come and fashions go. While it looks very sharp today (and likely for the next 4 or 5 years), it will eventually look like yesterday's news.

Peak lapels - as classic as can be. The first tuxedo was a one-button, peak lapel style and peak lapels continue to be the traditionalist's favorite.

Notch lapels - by far the most popular style with over 90% of the sales.

Shawl collars - another very traditional choice. Fit alert - shawl collars tend to exaggerate round bodies. If you are already a big guy you may consider shying away from this style tuxedo in favor of a peak or notch lapel.

Adolfo Tuxedos are designed for a very fit man. Exact tailoring provides a stunning profile along with a higher and smaller armhole. If you are in good physical shape you'll be mistaken for Mr. Bond, James Bond. However, if you're carrying a few extra pounds in your midsection we would suggest a different garment.

Hickey Freeman tuxedos are very classic in design. Rather than slim like the Adolfo or oversized like the Hugo Boss, Hickey Freeman's cut is right up the middle. Slightly padded shoulders, some waist suppression, a gentleman's tuxedo.

The rest of our tuxedos are quite typical in cut and styling and will likely fit you just fine.

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Maternity Fashion Trends – Dressing For Fall

Shopping for maternity wear can be a daunting task. Many women I know are proud of the fact that they can still fit into their old clothing. Perhaps it's a form of denial, wanting their bodies to look the same as they did pre-pregnancy. Or maybe the idea of springing for an entire new wardrobe for nine months doesn't quite fit their budget.

But there comes a time in every pregnancy when those stretched out T-shirts and sweats no longer work. Maybe it's a special occasion or perhaps you're literally too big for your britches. Not to worry, the days of boring maternity wear are a thing of the past. In fact, being pregnant can be quite chic.

Try this Serafina Blossom printed maternity dress. It's knotted front and bold print make it very versatile. Keep it feminine pretty for a lunch date or while on the clock at the office. Or add a little edge with a leather jacket and a large structured bag for a day out with the girls.

Since pregnancy isn't the time in our lives we think of buying investment pieces, we love the idea of double-duty clothing. Molly Ades Maternity/Nursing Navy Cape serves as a stylish cape while you're pregnant and can be used as a portable nursing cover once the baby is born. Comfortable never looked so good (and practical!)

Add a little whimsy with this playful Maternal America Mini Stripe Dress. It ties right under the bust cinching you at your smallest point but grabs your attention with it's bring hue. Great for someone who dares to be different even at nine months.

For the pregnant woman on the go, Hatch's Cowl Top will soon become a staple in your wardrobe. In soft rosewater, this feminine shirt is just what the doctor ordered (as well as Lamaze, vitamins, and an entire room of newborn diapers). A cut-in-one short sleeve and dreamy folds of crepe allow it to hold it's shape throughout your entire pregnancy. Layer it with nice pants or pencil skirt and a structured blazer for an office appropriate outfit or add jeans for a weekend friendly look.

Mix it up with this Maternal America Cobalt Tie Dress. Sophisticated and smart, this dress is sure to be a head turner. The V-neck and mini front tie draw people's eyes up to your face all while emphasizing your waist. Dress it up with dangling earrings for a date night. Or keep it casual with a soft cardigan and tote bag for a long lunch catching up with friends.

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How to pick Women Formal Dresses

Considering a proper dress is simple, however it has some rules that you need to follow for correct execution. Among other formal put on choices for women include cocktail dresses, ankle skirts and shirts with pantsuits.

Girl's formal put on is clothing that is supposed to make sure they feel special, and it is something which looks unusual. There's many kinds of formal wear for women. Included in this are cocktail, ball, promenade and church dresses. For a lot of women, the thought of formal dress is really a sparkly small dress or perhaps a satin skirt suit, while for other people, a proper dress is much more just like a lady's tuxedo or perhaps a shiny gown helps make the occasion.

Considering a proper dress is simple, however it has some rules that you need to follow for correct execution. To accomplish it by having a formal outfit, first you have to find out about the kinds of the formal dresses. There are many different amounts of dresses for women, including ultra-formal white-colored ties to simple formal. Then, there's a sparkly formal dress that provides a little more room for women to convey their curvaceous physiques and appeal. Among other formal put on choices for women include cocktail dresses, ankle skirts and shirts with pantsuits.

Select a formal dress

With regards to formal dressing, the elegance of the dress is above additional factors for example comfort. Your body-embracing designs in gowns help a woman sport the bust, arms or figure. The luxe fabrics will also be a shared trait among formal designs.

There's been a substantial influence of culture on clothing, formal put on isn't any exception. The influences of popular culture in the area have kind of an effect on the formal dresses plus they way they're tailored. Women will have a choice of the alternative formal dress works, however the individual must feel confident wearing something quite different.

Take into consideration the budget. Because of the nature of the garment's craftsmanship, formal dresses will probably set you back more. And much more when you are looking for options for example bead work and additional draping. A proper dress is generally costly, however it doesn't need to be.

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10 Most Widely Used Handbags and Celebs With Them

They are saying women save money on clothing than males and ladies save money on handbags than males. Handbags really are a real obsession of ladies, particularly the nice elegant designer's handbags.

However, because of so many designer bags available to select from, just how can anybody choose typically the most popular and most valuable one? You might even see the need for a handbag in the status from the product, design, and also the designer. You may even give value to some handbag brand if attractive and famous celebs choose them when attending important occasions within their lives.

So, if both of these are the basis on selecting the very best designer handbag brands, then you've got to have a quick consider the top ten considered out there:

Rob Lauren

Last and surely not minimal within our list, Rob Lauren is really a famous label of purses around the globe because of its preppy, classy, and stylish designs. The most recent assortment of Rob Lauren is one thing that lots of fans of designer handbags usually drool over.

Incorporated towards the celebs using Rob Lauren handbags are Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, and Sienna Burns.


Chanel is among the most identifiable designer handbag brand logos within the world of fashion. Should you watch Sex and also the City, then you're most likely acquainted with the road of Chanel handbags.

Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Emma Watson, Kristin Davis, and Lauren Conrad are the famous celebs seen using Chanel type of bags.


That double F logo design should never be skipped in almost any assortment of designer handbag aficionados. Using the Fendi purse or handbag, anybody will definitely look elegant and delicate.

The singer Jessica Simpson, Jenny McCarthy, and also the fashion icon Paris Hilton are the celebs who've individual double F Fendi logo designs within their handbag collections.


Burberry is renowned for its check pattern trademark. This is among the known top quality handbags on the planet. Anybody putting on the Burberry trademark is generally welcomed having a Wow!

The elegant and famous actress Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham are a few of the celebs using the Burberry trademark.

Kate Spade

Because of the romance of creating her very own type of fashion handbags, Kate Spade made the decision to depart her job as a fashion editor of Mademoiselle. And today, the Kate Spade type of handbags is considered the most recognized classy, functional, and trendy handbags within the fashion industry.

Blake Lively is viewed using Kate Spade.


If this involves a designer's bag in Italy, Prada may be the name in your mind. Prada bags are recognized to be chic, classy, and splendid.

The singer-actress Hillary Duff, the gorgeous Avoi Longoria, and Liv Tyler are a few of the Prada fans.

Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke handbags are recognized for its luxurious design and materials that's extremely popular for celebs and lots of women worldwide.

A few of the celebs seen putting on Dooney & Bourke are Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton, Emma Roberts, and Marcia Mix.


Gucci is really a title that has been extremely popular since 1921. The recognition of the Italian brand is famous to not vanish until nowadays.

Bette Davis and Jacqueline Kennedy a few of the Gucci handbag aficionados.

Louis Vuitton

You will not miss the Lv handbags within the list. The Paris-based fashion home is the final statement if this involves luxury designer bags.

Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Kater Moss, Uma Thurman, Jessica Simpson, and Julia Roberts are celebrities using Lv.


Their email list should never be complete with no New You are able-to-based luxury leather goods, the Coach. This brand capped their email list using the materials the handbags use and also the familiarity of numerous women around the Coach brand.

Hathaway As Catwoman can easily prove how wonderful the Coach makes handbags.

There might be lots of designer handbag brands on the planet but only a couple managed to get to the peak 10 listing of designer handbags. So, do you have each one of these brands inside your collection already?

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70s Fashion Style Is Ideal For Your Fancy Dress Outfits Party

The 70s are occasionally known as "the last decade that taste didn't remember". Whether you accept that sentiment, nobody could ever call the 70s dull, particularly when it found the style. Bold vibrant colours, psychedelic designs, PVC boots, the literally staggeringly high platforms - which only agreed to be for those males! Recently, there's been something of a revival from the styles from the 70s so we have begun speaking nostalgically about this decade. We can remember the forever lengthy hot summer time of 1976, disco dancing towards the great music and Starsky and Hutch around the telly. Somewhere at the back of the brain we file away reminiscences from the Winter of Discontent, the strikes and also the standpipes on the street throughout the drought. The seventies revival has witnessed an enormous rise in the recognition of vintage clothing boutiques (formerly known drearily as second hands shops), in addition to fancy dress outfits shops selling and employing various 70s fancy dress outfits products. Whatever 70s fancy dress outfits item you're searching for, one of these simple places is certain to get it, if the item you're searching for is a set of original Falmer flared jeans, a set of black PVC boots or perhaps a Starsky cardigan.

The styles from the seventies were numerous. First of all, the Afghan coat. Now it's recommended that you put on this to some winter 70s fancy dress outfits party because this is incredibly hot to put on and incredibly heavy. It was in the early seventies and it was a knee-length sheepskin coat having a huge fur collar and trim. Bell bottom pants were pants or jeans that flared out of the knee and were taken across the ground while you walked. Because the seventies wore on, flares grew to become progressively wider, around 24 inches should you think about being viewed as really awesome! Cheesecloth t-shirts and blouses were great for those who hated ironing. These crinkly products were very comfortable and were frequently inside a checked pattern and, for that woman, had two lengthy bits in front which you'd tie just above your navel. They went perfectly with jeans along with a large metal secured belt. Espadrilles were woven or canvas wedge sandals with lengthy ties to criss-mix in the legs. Halter-necks were little backless tops for women, which tangled up across the neck and stomach and were great to put on within the summer time or when disco dancing, teamed with small skirts and PVC boots. Hot pants were extremely popular in the early seventies and therefore are frequently worn to 70s fancy dress outfits parties. They' re shorts having a bib and brace and also the early ones were created from Crimplene. These are merely a couple of from the fashion products in the seventies and can hopefully provide you with some inspiration for the 70s fancy dress outfits party.

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Five Male Style Icons

We're all conscious of how to make the effort to dress, however there are some men that just have it. So, we've decided to rack up a list of our five male style icons

Steve McQueen

It's hard to wear a turtleneck sweater, or for that matter anything like Steve McQueen. His effortless style is something many aspire to but fail to pull off. With a love of motorbike racing, a marriage to Annie McGraw and the fact he could wear Persols and chinos in a manner no one else could, McQueen is king.

Bob Dylan

The younger and more arrogant Dylan of the mid 1960s has a certain style about him, there is no doubt. The rake thin troubadour has the ability to pull off a black jacket and sun shades like no other person on earth and still had the time to make some of the greatest albums of the 20th century.

Johnny Depp

Still alive and one of the greatest style icons of our generation. Depp manages to showcase a style that is distinct and still does not look like a buffoon, like many do. He wears a mix of the worn and the new and just has the effortless cool to pull it off in a mix of grunge, homeless and eccentric millionaire.

Jean Paul Belmondo

This actor from French New Wave cinema and actor who played the coolest of film roles is a style icon. His great collection of hats, cigarette smoking persona is certainly among the coolest and the most stylish gents of the last hundred years or so. That sort of style just can't be seen in these days of political correctness.

Lord Glenconner

Talking of eccentric millionaires, Colin Tennant, known as the 3rd Baron Glenconner was infamous for his fun lifestyle, living the life of luxury in the Caribbean island of Mustique. Glenconner transformed the island into a 1950s playground for the rich and famous.

His penchant for wide brimmed hats and bright colours was distinctive and worked well though it shouldn't. Which like all of the above suggests that some have it and some don't. When he had to sell his share in the extravagant island in the 1980s, he said "We weren't brought up to throw in the towel. We were brought up to bite the bullet and fold away the towels neatly."

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Looking for The Perfect Idea For Boy

Ever wondered what are the best gifts for boys? After over 35 years of making toys we have found two things to be true when it comes to little boys: 1) they LOVE dinosaurs and 2) they adore cars, trucks and planes. No matter the decade, no matter the age, no matter the nation, we have learned that the best gift ideas for boys are definitely based on dinosaurs and cool vehicles!

We have wonderful dinosaurs for toddlers and young boys. What makes our dinosaurs different from all other dinosaurs is our attention to detail. We stop at nothing to make sure that all of our products are not only made of the finest materials but that they are as detailed and true-to-life as possible. Take a look in Gifts For Boys, rank by Brand and check out our Dino Passion line. Look at Stegosaurus' feet, why, he even has toe nails! From awesome defensive scales that stick out of their backs, to designs sewn into their fur, we have taken care to be as detailed as possible. Our 6" dinosaurs are small enough to fit in little hands but big enough on personality to stimulate long hours of play.

Who says boys don't love soft toys? Grippable! Soft! Safe! Imaginative! Hours of fun! If you're looking for a great gift for boys, try our Built for Speed line of super cool soft toys. All are 14" (a nice big "crashable" size for small boys), and include the Plane "Fierce Flyer", Race Car, and "Tough Truck." And there's a surprise! Each of the toys lights up and if you squeeze them they make a sound that is appropriate to the vehicle (e.g., "zoom zoom, scratch" for the Race Car). These are excellent birthday gifts for boys.

So, what do boys like almost as much as Dinosaurs and hot rods? Well, bugs of course! We took our long time best seller, Funny Feet and turned him into a bug! We have a Spider, Bee, Ladybug, Ant and Caterpillar. These handy, 6" bugs are super soft and squishy. They come in vibrant colors and we paid very close attention to the details, like the little antennae on the ant or the fangs on the spider… ohhh, what better way to scare a big sister!

Speaking of Funny Feet, another great gift idea for boys or baby boy gifts is our Funny Feet. We are the originators of this top selling stuffed toy. It has become a classic and collected worldwide. We recommend Tan Horse, Dinosaur, Turtle, Giraffe, Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, Buffalo, Bad Dog Doberman, Lion and Moose. They come in three sizes, 7", 12" and 19". They are super sturdy and sit nicely on shelves as room décor but are also fantastic for play. These richly detailed toys will delight little boys!

Catch the key chain craze with our Funny Feet Key chains. They come in all sorts of animals from Giraffes to Turtles and are the perfect, functional toy for a backpack. Plus, they are priced right at just $5.00 each. Our Funny Feet Key Chains make the perfect back-to-school gift for boys.

Balls Galore! With silly sounds that never fail to amuse, these balls are soft enough for indoor play. We cover all the big sports, including, Football, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer. Our balls are 4" long and are made of super soft materials. Plus, they are priced right at $4.50 each. Can't beat that!

Looking for that perfect baby boy gift? Well, look no further, we have many baby boy gifts that are perfect for baby showers and birthdays. We have infant bears, so soft and sweet, that it will make any newborn's room complete. Softie Bears come in blue for boys in both 12" and 24" sizes. We just can't express in words just how soft and plush these darling bears are, you have to feel them to see. We bring these bears to our photo shoots as we find that from babies to Mom's, people just can't help but snuggle up with one of these big, fluffy, and charming bears. We also have the Yum Yum Bear in 12" and 18" in blue. Now Yum, Yum is special because he has a cute little t-shirt on. He's a little bit more sporty than Softie Bear, but just as delightful. Both are machine washable, a great gift for boys!

If a traditional bear isn't what you're looking for in a baby boy gift, then see our Rock-A-Bye collection of infant products. Beyond soft, Rock-a-bye is just the right mix of sweet, cute and fun personality that gives life to baby's first friends. A great gift for boys is the Frog, Duck, Lion or Puppy. Each animal group comes with a security blanket, rattle, chime ball, and booties. Don't forget our great value: the gift set. Each gift set comes with booties and a rattle in a mesh bag which has a color coordinated bow and gift card.

You might consider our Pocket Pals 10" stuffed animals that coordinate with the Rock-A-Bye collection. Each Pal comes with a little grabbable, squeezable morsel to pique the baby's curiosity and add to the fun!

So if you're looking for a perfect gift idea for a boy, we have a nice range for you to select from. We take pride in our gifts. We look for designs that are engaging and take special care that we create each toy to the highest standards. We make toys that we'd be proud to give to our own loved ones. We hope you find just what you're looking for; we know you'll find gifts that warm their hearts.

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I Love Gorgeous. Yes, so do we!

The lovely team at Ilovegorgeous (and yes, that is the correct spelling) has done it again. Known for their flattering shapes in dreamy fabrics, vintage trims and beautiful colours, the Spring/Summer '10 range is full of the most adorable and wearable dresses, separates and knitwear (from 6 months to 15 years) for the coming spring months, leading through to warmer summer days. Cottons replace cashmere and in come sheer chiffons, nets and lace for a lighter, softer touch. Soft hues and ice cream colours define their 'Pastels' range, whilst the 'Brights' collection is full of hot and vibrant primary colours from yellows and pinks to turquoise.

Already stocked by Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fenwicks, their flagship store opened just over a year ago on the achingly cool Ledbury Road, Notting Hill in London and then last year saw the launch of their on-line store Loved by A-listers (Stella, Kate, Claudia, Elle) and savvy mums alike, these clothes are truly gorgeous in every sense.

We were lucky enough to be sent a selection from the new collection which arrived beautifully wrapped in bright pink tissue paper and a few rolls of 'love hearts' to share out, yum. The deliciously named 'mini mallow' skirts (shown here in pink and blue) both with layer upon layer of frill were quickly pulled on by my 'testers' Mary and Connie. Then the dancing began, well it seemed so appropriate with all the 'crinkles' (as Connie insisted they were called) bobbing up and down. Connie then slipped on the soft cotton shell pink t-shirt and matching shell pink cardigan, both with butterfly logo detail. The cardigan had a deep waistband and delicate mother of pearl buttons and the gold butterfly motif scored big points for 'being glittery'. Mary was delighted with the turquoise and grey "Clarabelle' jumper, easy to pull on, definitely not itchy (her thing at the moment) with lovely long, loose bell-sleeves, a perfect match with the blue mini-mallow skirt. The skirts would work well on their own or as petticoats or for colder days we plan to team them with leggings and boots and perhaps a blazer. Skirt £49, Cardigan £39, Jumper £39, T-shirt £26.

Although the collection looks delicate, don't be fooled. Care instructions allow for the t-shirt and mini-mallow skirts to be machine washed on a cool setting, which scores well in our books. As always, hand wash the knitwear to help to keep the shape. The team at ilovegorgeous has also worked hard with their overseas manufacturing partners, focussing on ethical and social compliance, clearly stated on their labels. We like that.

We may still have the heating on, but my advice would be to stock up now, spring is just around the corner, we hope!

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Have Fun When Picking Out a Tuxedo for Prom

Have Fun When Picking Out a Tuxedo for Prom

When it comes to prom, most people think that all a guy has to do is put on a tux, look good, buy a corsage and show up on time. This is a common misperception because believe it or not, there is a lot more to getting ready for prom than renting a tux. There are many details to be covered like transportation rentals, ordering a corsage and making dinner reservations.

Guys, you can still come out looking like a true knight in shining armor if you just remember to have fun when picking out a tuxedo for prom and the rest will fall perfectly into place.

Before you head out to rent the tux; coordinate colors with your prom date. Whatever the color of her dress will be, match it as closely as you can. When going to rent a tux the consultant can help you make sure you have the colors coordinated. If it is possible, ask her to provide you a color swatch of the dress so you can have your accessories matched. If your date is wearing colors that aren’t the easiest to match, you can always consider wearing a tux with a black tie and cummerbund. That’s always a classy look.

The last thing you want to feel like all night at prom is a penguin. The tux should be fitted to ensure you are comfortable all night.

The good news is you won’t have to spend a ton of money on a tuxedo you’ll only wear one time. Look for a tuxedo rental store in the area, for example Blaine Tuxedo Rental can be found in Minnesota but they use Savvi tuxedos so you’re sure to find one in your area. Schedule a time to meet with a sales rep at the store. Take a few friends and possibly get a discount for multiple rentals.

The next thing to worry about is the corsage. It is recommended you stick to a solid color and not try to use varying colors. You aren’t required to stick to a corsage, a bouquet of flowers is always nice. You can never go wrong with a bouquet of red or white roses.

The last thing to consider for prom night is learning a dance step or two so you and your date aren’t forced to hold the wall up all night. Girls don’t go to prom to sit around, they want to dance, show off their dress and be made to feel like a princess for at least one night.

Listen, this doesn’t have to be such a difficult task, ask family members to help you learn some steps and you’ll be amazed at how much your date appreciates it. Even if you are just moving your feet back and forth, you are moving and that’s all that matters.

Now go home, put the tux on the hanger and breathe. You just pulled off prom night!

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How to get the emo look?

How to get the emo look?

The word ‘Emo’ can sometimes conjure up images and thoughts of angst-ridden teens gathered in crowds, dressed in black and listening to hardcore punk music. For those people, let it be explained, the term Emo comes from the word ‘emotive hardcore’, defining not only an attitude but also a fashion.

      • The starting point to achieving the perfect Emo look is all about attitude. Not caring what other people think of how you dress and having the confidence in your image choice is a start. The classic Emo look will be tight skinny jeans for guys and girls, the tighter the better! Of course a staple Emo item has to be the rock and roll inspired t-shirt and for a more on trend look, route through your local vintage/second hand shop for hidden treasures.

      • To make sure those skinnies have no chance of falling down, invest in a studded leather belt, again the older the better for that authentic look. Battered leather is a safe way to make sure you don’t care about the latest designer gear on the high street that every other person seems to be wearing.

Make up tutorial

      1. Keep the base pale with a tinted moisturiser or foundation and only a slight blush or blusher. The cheeks only need a slight touch of colour.

      2. Next comes the eyes, which to achieve that Emo look, are a very important area. Use a black kohl to draw a thick line around the lines, using it on both the outer and inner lid. The eyes should be as dark as possible, using lashes of mascara to open the eyes wide. Remember to flick the eyeliner out at the corners of your eyes to create that feline effect. For a special occasion why not add some false eyelashes?

      3. Back in the 90′s it was all about the dark lip colours but the noughties brought a new Emo look with a less harsh appearance and a slick of nude gloss is all you need. Not to say that a pop pink or a vibrant red wouldn’t look great, just try to steer clear of black lipstick.

Achieving an Emo style hair cut is similar for both guys and girls, a dark colour rinse or colourful streaks, with long side sweeping bangs, or should I say fringe for our UK readers. Guys keep it mid-length and heavy at the front, taking inspiration from groups such as Panic at the Disco. Girls, ask for shorter layers on top but still keeping the length. It's all about the volume but straightened hair towards your ends. Perfect!

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